IT key for all business areas, including disaster recovery

IT key for all business areas, including disaster recovery

April 22

As companies have increased their reliance on and use of technology during the past several years, the importance of the IT department has grown in order to lend support to new apps and services. That now means that tech pros should be involved in many of the decisions made on the business side, a recent InformationWeek India report noted.

When new technology is added, the IT department should be a key aspect of the integration process to ensure business continuity, according to the news provider.

“I have worked on the integration of systems during these periods of transition – integrating these businesses, getting them under a common portfolio, and ensuring business continuity,” IT expert Milind Khamkar wrote for InformationWeek.

It’s also important to have a robust disaster recovery program in place during integration phases, as new research has revealed that unmanaged process changes are a leading cause of network outage. In fact, 50 percent of 180 IT professionals polled told AlgoSec that their network had been knocked offline for a period of time because of such incidents.

That’s why the appropriate backup and recovery technology is essential for any transitions.