It is vital to implement DR sooner, rather than later

It is vital to implement DR sooner, rather than later

September 22

Disaster recovery software is a vital resource for a business, and as such there is no time to waste before implementation. A crisis that can result in data loss could happen at any time, and if a company isn’t prepared, it could feel the effects for a long time afterward.

According to Blue Maumau, disaster recovery (DR) solutions offer many advantages for a business, from cutting downtime after systems go down to keeping employees organized during and after the event. However, the most important benefit of DR is the data backup software that makes recovery possible in the first place.

Implementing data backup and recovery systems with frequent and reliable backup schedules may seem obvious, but many businesses don’t have fully functioning solutions to protect their systems and data should a disaster occur. With the right recovery strategy in place, any company can almost entirely eliminate the risk of being crippled by a disaster and potentially having to close its doors forever.

With DR, a business is protected from data loss, but without it, the door is open to any possibility, from a hurricane completely destroying the company to a simple power strip failure shutting down systems, resulting in a loss of profits and public image.