IT, disaster recovery serve as enterprises’ backbone

IT, disaster recovery serve as enterprises’ backbone

April 12

It’s become clear during the past several years that IT is now at the center of many companies’ processes and operations. As a result, according to a recent CIO magazine report, all organizations need to have a disaster recovery system in place to ensure that data, applications, and all systems are as available as possible.

“Any enterprise seeking to go further in the market and revenues [needs] a flexible information storage and retrieval system and an accompanying technology with a strong backbone,” according to the report.

Unfortunately, the news provider noted, IT disasters do occur and are something that IT departments are forced deal with. That’s why DR technology is so important and organizations need to prepare for the effects that can come as a result of both natural and man-made IT incidents.

What it comes down to, CIO noted, is making sure it’s business as usual as often as possible because any downtime will affect both productivity and the bottom line.

Experts agree there are several areas decision-makers should look into to ensure the effectiveness of their DR solutions. For one, it’s important to know the level of downtime a company can handle. That will help to set restore times and goals.