Is Your Company’s BDR Plan Ready for the Latest Malware?

Is Your Company’s BDR Plan Ready for the Latest Malware?

August 17

Malicious emails containing viruses and malware are opened every day, many of which threaten to steal private information. According to, antivirus protection companies reported attacks from brand new malware. Working under the moniker disttrack, this malware differs from others in that it deletes personal data, rather than attempting to steal it. After disttrack has attacked and destroyed your personal or professional data, this malware keeps your computer from booting up.

While antivirus software may be the first step in preventing these types of attacks, your BDR plan will keep your data safely stored should the antivirus software allow this threat to trickle in. also mentions that IT professionals specializing in data recovery may be needed to get computers affected by this malware back on track. These types of personal or professional data losses are what we having been planning against. What will your clients do when their computers refuse to boot up and business hits a wall? MSPs and IT staff need to be prepared for potential data loss from this malicious malware. While at this point the software appears to attack specifically targeted companies, it never hurts to double-check fail safes and verify BDR plans in the event that a company encounters this new malware. Although researchers are working to discover the intent and origin of this particular threat, little is known about its source.

What are some disaster recovery best practices you follow to protect your clients from malware and other attacks?