Investing in disaster recovery more important than ever

Investing in disaster recovery more important than ever

December 12

Disaster recovery is essential for every business, no matter its location, industry, size, or revenue stream. And according to Bloomberg Businessweek, more than 75 percent of companies have a business continuity strategy. So, for the other 25 percent, what’s the holdup?

Disaster preparedness is about more than investing in the right software and planning; it’s a mindset that requires dedication. It’s about more than internal operations, but ensuring supply chains, data sources, and customers are also secure and that overall workflow is protected. To accomplish this, every business needs to start somewhere. That starting point is data backup software.

The first thing a business needs to ensure is that its data and systems are protected during a disaster. This means backing it all up and being ready to recover once the storm, be it physical or theoretical, passes. For businesses just starting their foray into disaster preparedness, the first thing to do is find the right data backup solution.

For many companies, the cloud offers the best services for backup and recovery. With flexible access, low costs, and scalability, online backup solutions can help businesses get started on the right foot.

The cloud isn’t right for everyone, and for some, backup hard drive options are far more appropriate. These solutions provide swift recovery and a range of security features that may be necessary for some.

Regardless of the solution a business chooses for its data backup needs, the tools are necessary to move on to the following steps for business continuity. Once accomplished, a company can rest easy knowing that its most valuable resource, its data, is secure, and then move on to establish a thorough continuity plan.