Information Technology and Back to School

Information Technology and Back to School

September 19

Mobile technology isn’t just for adults. Information technology is also a part of schools, and kids want the latest in mobile devices and smartphones. For some parents, a new smartphone helps them keep in touch with their children, and it’s an educational tool. Most schools have some kind of rules around technology, but parents can send their kids to school with some devices that are meant to be educational and help with reading skills.

Smartphones and Cellular Phone Devices

Several years ago, Apple came out with the iPhone where users could have fast speeds for data connections. Blackberry had data service, but it was extremely slow. Now, smartphones are becoming more popular than desktop computers. Cell phone companies have also offered family plans and ways to monitor, track and block kids from certain parts of the phone. Most teachers prohibit phones from being turned on in the classroom, but mobile phones and smartphones are a good way for parents to keep in touch with children.


Information technology is more than desktop computers. Tablets are the latest craze, and most kids want a tablet to take to school. Most schools allow kids to use tablets as long as they are not connected to the Internet. Tablets let kids download games, so they can play games during any downtime. Additionally, tablets let kids download books, and some schools offer ebooks to kids to help them with reading practice. Tablets also allow kids to share applications and documents with each other.


Laptops are almost a necessity now for high school. Laptops let kids store data, transfer it to school, and no more forgetting homework at home. Laptops are also a great way for kids to take notes. Even college kids take laptops to school for taking notes, and it’s a lot less baggage than carrying several notebooks for each course.

Laptops also come with wireless and some come with infrared connections, so kids can transfer documents without being connected to a wireless network. Most schools support wireless connections, so kids can get access to libraries and other school resources. This is mainly used in high school or colleges, but some middle schools allow laptop connectivity.


While eReaders such as the Kindle or the Nook don’t come with all the bells and whistles that tables include, eReaders are great for parents who want to keep it simple and only allow eBooks. Most eReaders allow Internet connections also, but they must connect to a wireless network. Parents can download books for their kids including comic books.

Information technology has come a long way since a decade ago. Most parents find themselves buying at least one smartphone or tablet for their kids. Where some of these items used to be a luxury, a mobile device can greatly enhance a child’s learning experience. When providing kids with technology that can access the Internet, always educate your child on the importance of Internet safety.

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