Infographic: Modern IT: Small Vs. Medium Businesses

Infographic: Modern IT: Small Vs. Medium Businesses

November 12

There is no doubt that technology has continued to become a more critical aspect of daily operations among businesses from a variety of sectors, and of virtually every size. Small business owners, as well as leaders of mid-sized firms, have generally stood to gain the most benefits from a variety of new trends in IT, including cloud computing, virtualization and mobility.

However, the adoption behaviors of businesses in the small and medium size classes have been relatively different from one another in the past several years. Storagecraft recently published an infographic that detailed predictions for small and mid-sized business technology adoption for the road ahead.

For one, mid-size companies are leading the way in virtualization adoption, as 87 percent of businesses with 250 to 999 employees are expected to have systems running without hardware by the end of this year. On the other hand, only 60 percent of small businesses are expected to partake in such activities.

On the flip side, nearly three-quarters of small businesses are expected to run systems offsite and as a service by the end of this year, compared with 60 percent of mid-sized firms. This could be indicative of the two separate sets of priorities among decision-makers in each of these categories.

Finally, bring your own device (BYOD) adoption is already penetrating the small business sector more than mid-sized firms. While 53 percent of mid-sized companies will support BYOD policies this year, 69 percent of small businesses plan to do so.

What’s more, 28 percent of the smallest businesses, or those with under 20 employees, will fully embrace BYOD, compared to 13 percent of mid-sized companies.
Companies of all sizes can benefit from embracing these various new advances in modern corporate IT.

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