INFOGRAPHIC: Having the backup and disaster recovery plan is only part of the story

INFOGRAPHIC: Having the backup and disaster recovery plan is only part of the story

May 17

Having a backup and disaster recovery plan is great. Being able to execute on that plan is even better. One of the key points of an effective plan is being able to communicate it to your employees, as you can see in this infographic prepared by CareerBuilder. They interviewed 3,023 hiring managers and HR professionals across the U.S. and asked them how ready their companies and their employees were for a variety of disasters.

The results are crisply shown in the infographic, but a couple of things stand out:

  • 19% of employers weren’t sure if they had a plan in place. It seems to me that if you don’t know if you have a plan in place, you effectively don’t, whether or not one really exists. If you don’t know about it, how can you use it?
  • Only 60% of employers felt that their employees would know what to do in a disaster. This again underscores the uselessness of a plan that won’t be executed on properly. If we’re going to take the time and money to develop and implement a plan, we’d better make sure everyone knows how to use it, otherwise it’s a waste.
  • As you look at the section on which kinds of disasters companies are most and least prepared for, it’s interesting to see that preparedness drops as the disasters move from epic to personal. It seems odd to be prepared for a huge, natural disaster and not a cyberattack or some other kind of internal problem, since other studies have shown that natural disasters are the least likely to occur by a significant margin. Perhaps smaller disasters are dealt with on a more informal, flexible basis?

What stands out to you?


Image source: Timm Suess