Infographic: Disaster Recovery: A No-Brainer?

Infographic: Disaster Recovery: A No-Brainer?

November 19

The frequency of natural disasters striking the United States has seemed to increase in recent years, while damages faced by businesses of all sizes have subsequently grown as well. For this reason, disaster recovery has become a bigger pain point for many firms, especially considering the increased reliance on sensitive technology for daily operations.

The instruments used to communicate, collaborate and store information are generally sensitive to adverse weather conditions, as well as human-based threats. One of the more troubling aspects of disaster recovery performances is that many organizations still do not seem to understand that continuity planning and solutions are critical.

This StorageCraft infographic outlines some of the reasons why DR needs to become more popular, as well as how business owners are faring in this arena. For one, 53 percent of service providers believe that the most difficult aspect of providing disaster recovery solutions is convincing decision-makers that the tools are necessary.

Additionally, 99 percent of organizations who responded to a survey stated that they have experienced a hardware failure at one time or another. On the other side of the equation, 71 percent of IT solution providers cited working with clients in the middle of a major data loss event.

The outages experienced are almost always substantial considering the aspects of IT they commonly affect. Roughly 80 percent of respondents stated that hard disk failures are the most frequent issues, while 94 percent explained that servers and desktops are the most likely to experience outages.

These are everyday, mission-critical aspects of operations for most firms, while the risks need to be minimized by effective and targeted policies. Businesses can improve their resilience to data loss and exposure by formulating comprehensive disaster preparedness and recovery strategies, then supporting those frameworks with advanced solutions.

To look at our full survey results on hardware failure, visit our results page. To see how easy it is to take care of your backup and disaster recovery needs, learn more about ShadowProtect.

Disaster Recovery: A No-brainer?
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