September 11

I often enjoy reading blog posts from Brains on Fire, a marketing agency that shares an amazing amount of inspirational content online (us marketing folks are always looking for a muse).  This agency follows a unique approach of creating not just customers, but fans.  Taking people from not knowing about something and helping them turn into a fan of that item seems brilliant to me. Why would marketing ever spend time doing anything else?

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about the things of which I am a fan.  I could talk forever about the Chicago Bears, my Perception kayaks, Zicam cold remedy, my Jeep Cherokee (seriously, I am looking forward to winter because of my Jeep) and the tasty features of my favorite foods and beverages.  Along these lines, a recent Brains on Fire blog post especially caught my eye; it focuses on the important topic of “being indispensable.”

Indispensability can be a key feature for people and products, leaders and followers, thinkers and doers alike.  This particular post focuses on being an indispensable teammate, something I always strive to attain. Just like I work to introduce my customers to products they can’t live without, I also try to be essential to the team I am on.   I’d like to share some of the suggestions Robbin Phillips, “Courageous President” of Brains on Fire, shared in her post along with a reader suggestion.  It seems this agency is a place full of laughter, a key element of the indispensably attractive, so first let me remind you to laugh often. Who doesn’t love a team member filled with laughter anyway?  These tips are ideal reminders for all areas of life.  (Please read the full article for additional details.)

1. Be empathetic. Think about what others are dealing with.

2. Be organized.  Know how and where to find things at the drop of a hat. Those are the people we always seem to trust.

3. Act as if you own the business. I can’t stress this enough. Be interested. Really try and understand how your company works and makes money. It’s not always about money, but you can’t do meaningful work in the world if your company ceases to exist. Period.

4. Be entrepreneurial. Think about how you can offer more and better services to your company’s customers. How can you delight those you interact with? How can you get to know them better?

5. Show up on time. Or early. Being late is disrespectful and rude. People notice.

6. Tell the truth. I know this sounds obvious, but people try to pull off some real doozies. So. Tell the truth. Always.

7. Pick your mentors and heroes carefully.

8. Be kind. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it.

9. Be a good student. We are all in [marketing] grad school. Have an open heart and mind.

10. Have the courage to share your opinions.

11. Be candid and direct in your communications. Don’t beat around the bush.

12. Be collaborative. Share. It’s fun!

And oh, yeah…

13. Laugh easily.