Implications of lost devices are now more serious

Implications of lost devices are now more serious

April 20

Losing a smartphone is no longer a minor inconvenience that a mobile employee or a company must deal with. Given the increased importance that mobility now commands within the average organization, a recent Wall Street Journal report noted, misplacing a device could have widespread consequences beyond replacement costs.

That’s because smartphones and other mobile devices now house more critical and confidential information than ever before. According to the report, it’s always best to assume the worst.

“No matter which carrier you use, treat your phone as stolen, even if you think it’s only misplaced. It’s not just a phone; it likely also contains important personal information, and phone and email contacts,” the Journal said.

Citing an estimate from a mobile device insurance provider, the Journal report noted that 60 million phones are misplaced each year.

To combat these issues, companies should now be deploying backup and recovery software that will cover their mobile devices and their data. In doing so, losing a mobile device won’t also mean being cut off from the files, documents, and other information that make completing daily tasks possible.