How to prepare for network downtime

How to prepare for network downtime

June 29

For many businesses it is inevitable that there will be some network downtime. Upgrading systems, internet service provider issues, hardware problems, and many other factors can contribute to a short- or a long-term loss of network connectivity. While IT professionals do their best to minimize downtime, it is up to business decision-makers to ensure that not only do operations remain smooth during these times, but that no data is lost either. In order to develop a successful business continuity strategy and recover quickly from any issues, there are several steps that a business should take.


Even before a solution is chosen for backup and recovery, a business should examine what tools it needs, and what they will cost. Investing in a service that is inexpensive but doesn’t provide for every contingency that the business needs will result in recovery failure. Businesses should only choose solutions Only by choosing a solution that meets the needs of the business will a company be able to see any return on investment from the service when disaster strikes.


While hardware-based and online backup methods vary in complexity, it is vital that employees be trained in how to use whichever solution is at hand, whether it requires days or minutes of instruction. Additionally, a business needs to examine whether or not its professionals will need to be retrained after each patch for updated features, or if general operation of the service will remain the same. Employees must be trained in any other services that are bundled with the solution, such as integrated data management, deduplication software, or other options that are included as well, or risk creating problems during the backup and recovery process.


Not only must a business invest in disaster recovery software solutions to ensure that its data is backed up and recoverable, but it must also make sure that the system works properly through thorough and frequent testing. Different solutions offer varying methods, and choosing the best one for the company requires the business to examine how often and efficiently it needs its testing to be.