How to make the most of backup solutions

How to make the most of backup solutions

July 10

Despite improvements to data backup software and related solutions, many businesses are slow to move away from their legacy systems that can take the better part of a day to back up a server or network. From increased power in disaster recovery solutions to the cloud, new innovations and features help companies develop the best answer for their operational needs and implement the best backup solution for the business.

There are many reasons a business may be slow to adopt a new server backup solution. Having too many options, being unsure of cost or services offered, or simply not having full understanding of the need for modern backup solutions can all attribute to a lack of data protection for any business.

According to a report by Ken Marko of Network Computing, as many as 75 percent of businesses do not utilize the cloud for backup or storage needs. This not only signifies a disparate relationship between businesses and online backup, but between them and their consumers as well, many of whom are beginning to adopt the cloud. Marko added that this may be because companies are overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible options they have when it comes to the cloud.

Additionally, many businesses still use antiquated backup solutions like tape because they keep that tape is low cost and low maintenance. However, over time the cost of tape can outweigh its other benefits, and tape does not allow for deduplication and other modern backup tools that can save on storage space. Data recovery with tape can also be a slow process.

Ultimately, a company has to closely examine its backup and recovery needs in order to choose the best option for its operations, be it the cloud, backup hard drive systems, or other solutions.