How to develop a business continuity strategy

How to develop a business continuity strategy

August 1

Regardless of location, industry, or size, every company needs a business continuity strategy. Preparing for potential disasters is part of running a company, and failure to do so is the equivalent of not having a marketing plan or failing to invest in insurance. Luckily for most businesses, developing such a plan is a simple process.

When it comes to creating a disaster recovery and preparedness plan, there are any number of seminars and guides a business can follow. These provide tips that outline steps every company should follow, from training employees on how to react to a disaster to knowing what emergencies, natural and man-made, can threaten the company. However, the most important point in any disaster preparedness plan for a business is to implement data backup software.

Without data backup and recovery software in place, a disaster could cripple a business. As one of a company’s key resources, digital information should be protected from any emergency, from power outages to server crashes. By backing up data and enabling reliable recovery, a business can ensure that it can get up and running quickly after a crisis, regardless of infrastructure damage or the type of disaster that occurs.