How to Build a StorageCraft BDR

How to Build a StorageCraft BDR

October 28

So you’ve weighed the option of building vs. buying a BDR appliance and decided to take things into your own hands and build.

But what now?

Our latest guide discusses what you need to know to build and configure a StorageCraft-powered BDR device you can resell to your clients as part of your disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering.

Read How to Build a StorageCraft BDR to learn

  • How careful configuration leads to an effective BDR build
  • Which hardware requirements your BDR device will need
  • Where to install individual pieces of the StorageCraft Recovery Solution
  • How a BDR fits in with your offsite strategy

If you have any questions along the way, our Professional Services team is here to help with the build or implementation of your new BDR appliance. Reach out to them at proservices@storagecraft.com.

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