How Does an MSP Know Which Tradeshows to Attend?

How Does an MSP Know Which Tradeshows to Attend?

There are so many tech events throughout the year that sometimes it’s overwhelming. It’s easy to get a little confused trying to decide which events are worthwhile to you and your company, and it’s tough to decide what you need to do to put it on. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer a little bit of our knowledge of tradeshow events so you can determine what’s right for you and your business.

Finding the Event

Many events that StorageCraft finds and attends are based on word of mouth, so be sure to use Social Media to your advantage. With all the Social Media outlets out there, there’s always someone talking about events they have been to, so it’s often easy to find out whether or not they liked it. Start a few conversations via Twitter or Facebook and you will probably be able to find more than enough information.

Another outlet StorageCraft taps into would be partner suggestions and industry trends. You can tell a lot about an event just by searching for info on other companies that are going, or what the industry at large is following at any given time. Lastly, go where your competitors go, you want to be at those events to talk up your product and let customers know they’ve got choices.

Planning the Event

Picking events to go to is only half the battle (or a quarter of the battle for StorageCraft). Once you’ve decided, you still need to figure out what you need to bring. Talk to a salesman or whomever will be attending the event. One who has attended events in the past will know what the customers like and can let you know which tchotchkes they want (assuming you’ve got some to offer). It’s always useful to have branded materials to hand out, and in some cases it might be beneficial to put together certain fun things for specific events (StorageCraft recently erected a giant peace sign for a 60’s themed event). Always pack literature based on attendee numbers, it is great to have, but you don’t want too much (especially if it’s a smaller event). Also, note that StorageCraft has some really great marketing collateral that you can put to good use. You can find it by logging into the Partner Portal.

Next, you figure out the quantity. There are a few things you need to know before determining how much you pack. How big is the event (attendee number)? What size of  booth do you have? Who is your audience? If you’re sending a salesman, does he or she have any preferences? What is the venue and what are the show regulations? Once you determine what you need, you can start making decisions.  Typically, if you send enough items for half the attendees, you will have plenty of literature and giveaways to go around.

Learning from the Event

Lastly, you want to do a post event evaluation, including surveys for the salesman in attendance, lead retrieval, and ROI (return on investment). The survey can be as simple as 5 questions, quick and painless for the salesman to fill out. Always keep track of the leads received at each event, this will help you gauge which events extracted the best leads.

With this, you should be able to host a fun and well prepared booth setup at any event!

Photo Credit: Horia Varlan via Compfight cc