Hotel and Hospitality: Technology for Employees and Guests

Hotel and Hospitality: Technology for Employees and Guests

January 14

The hotel and hospitality industry continues to grow, and with that growth is the need for better technology. As hotel guests continue to rely on technology such as smartphones and tablets, a good hotel offers services that work with the latest technology. Some of these resources are expensive to implement, but they offer some of the best experiences for hotel guests, which is better for overall revenue.

Apps for Guest Booking

Most hotel services offer online booking, but more users rely on smartphones and tablets instead of desktops. The increase use in mobile devices requires businesses to offer great, intuitive apps to compete. One good app for hotel and hospitality businesses gives guests the ability to book services and rooms using their smartphones and tablets.

The business should also offer a responsive web design, which means the website auto-scales for small screens. Responsive web designs are popular in the web development industry, because these designs make websites more user-friendly for small screens, and it reduces the size of images for faster downloading when the mobile device loads the website.

Better CRM Systems

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is the basis for better customer service. A good CRM lets the business review customer behavior, offer rewards, and keep track of customer preferences.

The CRM can be used to offer customer rewards and generate better email marketing campaigns that target certain types of buyers. Some CRM tools let managers integrate social media, so the business can interact with customers through popular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Wi-Fi and Internet Service

Most customers expect a hotel to offer some kind of Internet service. Some hotels offer wired and wireless connections. Customers who rely on fast Internet connections can get frustrated if Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity are slow, so hotels and hospitality businesses should invest in good wireless hotspots for customers. To protect from rogue activity, the hotel can place a password on the connection and give the password to registered guests.

Online Guest Services

Instead of making users call for guest services, a more technological step towards reservations is an online service that lets customers set up spa, restaurant or other types of reservations.

Not only does this make it more convenient for customers, but it also makes it easier for employees to manage. The online service application can be used through a browser, and customers log in to create a reservation. Employees can then use the system to keep track of current reservations and cancellations.

These are just a few of the hotel and hospitality technologies that help make businesses friendlier to people who prefer technology as an amenity. With better technology, customers are happy and employees can manage customer requests more efficiently.

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