Hosted private clouds to experience rapid growth

Hosted private clouds to experience rapid growth

March 5

There are several types of cloud computing services, including public, private and hybrid deployments. A new report by market research firm IDC predicted that private clouds in particular will continue to expand on a global scale as more organizations realize the benefits doing business in hosted environments.

IDC predicted that the hosted private cloud (HPC) services market will surpass $24 billion by 2016, expanding more than 50 percent annually between 2012 and 2016.

The research firm explained that HPC includes two types of deployments: dedicated and virtual. Dedicated private clouds offers the most customer control of their clouds, while virtual solutions are shared with resources like security and are more public.

“IDC anticipates that virtual private cloud will be the predominant operational model for companies wanting to take advantage of the speed and lower capital costs associated with cloud computing while cloud service providers will welcome the move away from the expense of dedicated 1:1 physical systems for delivering their business process and datacenter outsourcing and other services,” said Robert Mahowald, IDC research vice president.

Mahowald added that cloud vendors need to do all they can to remain competitive in the market by offering a wider range of cloud solutions. Those that fail to do so will likely remain stagnant while competitors thrive.

Private clouds considered safer than on-site IT
Organizations hoping to take advantage of private clouds for their cost-efficiency will also be happy to know that the technology is also considered superior at keeping mission-critical assets safe compared to on-site deployments. recently hosted a webinar called the Importance of Archiving. Jayson Dudley, group infrastructure manager at Mazars, said that private clouds keep information better protected than in-house systems.

Dudley said that some believe keeping resources in-house is the way to go, but the cloud is actually a safer environment for such assets. The cloud can reduce the amount of time businesses require to deal with data storage, archiving and recovery, the news source reported.

Cloud computing is still very much in its infancy, meaning that the technology’s impressive run up to this point appears to be just the tip of the iceberg regarding its potential. Although some industry pundits have been wary of hosting critical applications in the cloud, due to security reasons, more research has shown the exact opposite view of safety is true.