Hosted or on premise: Back up all data, report says

Hosted or on premise: Back up all data, report says

April 24

It doesn’t matter if a small business has primary data storage systems maintained on premise or hosted in the cloud, according to a recent report from Crain’s New York Business. The main issues are making sure the data is backed up and having backup and recovery software in place to support it.

“Part of the reason for going to a cloud is because your own computer network is susceptible to unpredictable events like flooding, fire, and terrorism,” the report stated. “So make sure the cloud, which itself relies on hardware, is [also] protected.”

Having data backed up, regardless of where it is primarily stored, will ensure that myriad risks – including natural disasters, power outages, and other kinds of network downtime – are mitigated. The practice also allows an organization to recover from an incident as quickly as possible.

With the rise of cloud computing, many companies have taken a hybrid approach to backup and recovery by combining on-premise and cloud-based technology. More traditional local backup can be used for long-term archiving of a company’s most critical data, while the cloud is able to handle information that should remain available and needs to be recovered first following an IT incident.