Hospitals struggle with data growth

Hospitals struggle with data growth

July 13

With big data becoming a popular topic in data management and backup and recovery circles, many businesses are starting to recognize the importance of getting on top of their digital information and controlling it. However, some organizations, such as hospitals, are struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of their electronic records.

According to a recent study by Frost and Sullivan, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are seeing increased demand for data storage devices and backup hard drives in order to manage rapidly expanding volumes of patient data. Between electronic health records and high-quality document imaging, these organizations are seeing more pressure to protect their digital information.

“Advanced imaging leads to high-resolution images that, in turn, enlarge data volumes, putting tremendous pressure on data storage devices,” said Somsainathan, an analyst with Frost and Sullivan. “As the resolution of images becomes higher, data volumes swell, thereby increasing the need for advanced data storage, because there are regulations now that demand longer retention of patient data.”

More efficient data storage also indicates a need for more reliable data backup software. The healthcare community is an area with high expectations for quality in all areas, demanding both efficient and effective solutions for any problem, be it directly related to patients or infrastructure.

In order to meet rapid data growth, hospitals will require highly flexible solutions, such as the cloud or other scalable server backup solutions. Regardless of the system chosen, it is key for the business or organization to keep track of advances in technology and to ensure it is keeping up with the best solutions for operational and compliance needs.