Heartland Technology Solutions + Buffalo NAS + ShadowProtect = Success

Heartland Technology Solutions + Buffalo NAS + ShadowProtect = Success

September 12

For more than 26 years, Heartland Technology Solutions (HTS) has been taking care of businesses’ IT needs  in the nation’s Midwest — and one of the solutions in the HTS portfolio is backup and disaster recovery services.

Having outpaced their existing solution and looking for more flexibility and effectiveness in delivering system protection and recovery services, along with good margins on the service, HTS went through an 18 month hardware and software evaluation project.

The result is a combination of StorageCraft ShadowProtect writing backups to a Buffalo TerastationTM  WSS, a Windows Storage Server-based appliance, deployed at the clients location which also runs StorageCraft ImageManager and replicates the backup images to a Buffalo Terastation deployed in the HTS data center.  Read the full story below.

Heartland Technology Solutions Case Study: Backup and Disaster Recovery Service with Buffalo and StorageCraft