Half of organizations face data loss

Half of organizations face data loss

September 12

Data loss is a serious problem for any business that can cripple even the strongest organization. However, only 50 percent of organizations are making serious efforts to eliminate data loss in their offices.

A recent study by Ponemon Institute and a leading data loss management company found that 50 percent of businesses experience ten or more instances of data loss a year. This means that only 50 percent have taken the proper disaster recovery steps to reduce data loss or eliminate it entirely. Additionally, more than 60 percent of these organizations employ manual, time-intensive management processes for dealing with these situations.

“Not only have the number of data breaches reached epidemic proportions, but organizations are hemorrhaging records at staggering volumes,” said Larry Ponemon in a release. “To start the response process at day zero and square one is not only a recipe for disaster, it is irresponsible business.”

Investing in high-quality data backup software solutions shouldn’t be difficult, or expensive, for a business. With online backup options in the cloud and other tools, any company big or small can quickly take advantage of the data protection it needs.