Half of industrial companies worry about disaster recovery

Half of industrial companies worry about disaster recovery

May 16

A recent survey by a leading disaster recovery firm found that only 53 percent of companies in the industrial sector are confident in their ability to quickly come back from a data crisis. A variety of reasons were cited for troubles with data backup solutions, but the overall consensus was focused on the cloud. About 94 percent of respondents said they will be exploring cloud storage options in the next 12 months.

Of the companies that stated they are not prepared for a potential disaster, 45 percent indicated they lack the resources to implement a backup and recovery strategy. Additionally, 67 percent respondents said their biggest challenge lay in virtualization and migrating data from physical to virtual environments. However, 11 percent said they have no backup plan in place, and 29 percent said their strategy does not include any off-site resources.

Data backup is an important consideration for any business, and any sort of disaster, from a national emergency to power loss, can create problems in even the most well-designed network. However, investing in backup and recovery software or a cloud storage solution isn’t enough. A business also needs to implement a rigid backup schedule and plan for if an emergency occurs. According to the survey, only 60 percent of respondents said they secure their data regularly or more than once a month.

Deploying a backup solution will help a company increase its security and tolerance for potential problems, and also boost its confidence and lower stress, as managers and other workers know that their data is safely stored and even a small amount of downtime will not cause a potential catastrophe.