Extend Your Reach by Guest Blogging with StorageCraft

Extend Your Reach by Guest Blogging with StorageCraft

February 14

In addition to marketing development funds, there are a lot of other ways StorageCraft can help MSP and VAR partners can gain exposure.

One of the ways is through online content. We have a growing group of partners that regularly contribute to the StorageCraft  Recovery Zone blog. We welcome articles from any partners that wish to participate in our guest blogging program. Plus, we’re more than happy to share a few posts on your blog as well.

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When you guest blog, you get to have a piece right next to the fine work of authors like me! But you also get the advantage of social media exposure as well. When we post a guest blog from one of our partners, we also share the post with all of our friends through Twitter and Facebook. This way, we maximize your exposure—not to mention the benefit of better SEO from link-building.

We’ve seen a lot of success from our guest posts. As an example, a recent post by Guy Baroan of Baroan Technologies received a good number of shares and re-tweets. It was seen by troves of people on our Facebook page. When an article goes up on our social channels, a lot of people will see it and that’s great exposure for you and your organization!

We’re not just looking for business continuity and disaster recovery articles, either. We want you to share your knowledge, perspective, insights, and thoughts into the technology landscape like this piece by our partner Brian Stogsdill of Treasure Valley IT.

We feel lucky to have so many awesome partners, and we love to hear what they have to say.

Contact Recovery.Zone@storagecraft.com if you’re interested in guest blogging.


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    Hey Casey,

    Great article and I would love to get in touch with you about guest posting.. I was unable to reach you by the contact email so feel free to reach out to me at the email I provided.. Cheers and Thanks!