Global IT spending set to reach $3.8 trillion in 2013

Global IT spending set to reach $3.8 trillion in 2013

April 3

The information technology (IT) industry remains one of the most successful fields globally. Despite economic concerns, worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2013, growing 4.1 percent from 2012, according to a new report by market research firm Gartner. Overall, telecommunications services will account for approximately $1.7 trillion of this total, making up the largest segment and increasing 2 percent from last year.

John Lovelock, research vice president at Gartner, explained that several technologies, including cloud computing, social and mobile solutions are positively influencing global IT spending levels. Looking ahead, both consumers and businesses are expected to purchase several different types of IT services and products.

“However, the ratio of this mix is changing dramatically and there are clear winners and losers over the next three to five years, as we see more of a transition from PCs to mobile phones, from servers to storage, from licensed software to cloud, or the shift in voice and data connections from fixed to mobile,” Lovelock said.

Several technologies leading the way

Other reports have indicated that several technologies, including cloud computing, big data, social and mobile solutions, are driving more organizations to the Third Platform, according to market research firm IDC. Global spending for tech is poised to surpass $2 trillion in 2013, expanding nearly 6 percent from 2012.

Frank Gens, senior vice president at IDC, said that Third Platform technologies will be responsible for approximately 90 percent of the entire IT industry’s growth between 2013 and 2020.

“Companies that are not putting 80 percent or more of their competitive energy into this new market will be trapped in the legacy portion of the market, growing even slower than global GDP,” Gens asserted.

A survey of Fortune 500 CIOs and CTOs by Sierra Ventures also found that a select group of technologies are considered building blocks for IT. Of those polled, 32 percent named big data and mobile devices as the top IT innovations, followed by 24 percent who cited cloud computing and 12 percent who said social media.

The IT industry continues to experience positive growth as a direct result of a number of innovative solutions. Looking ahead, it appears that the tech sector is in good thanks to cloud computing, big data, social and mobile technologies.

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