Getting the most value out of data backups

Getting the most value out of data backups

June 21

It can be difficult determining the return on investment of a backup and recovery software solution. However, as a vital part of running a business, these services are essential for establishing business continuity strategies and being prepared for a disaster or the general loss of data. In today’s business environment, disaster recovery isn’t a matter of whether or not a company can recover its data, but how quickly it can, and no business should be stuck using antiquated data backup software in these instances.

According to IT Business Edge though, many businesses are still using outdated disaster recovery solutions, which fixate on protecting individual components of the company infrastructure rather than critical applications, databases, and servers. Many businesses should be updating their DR strategies and software solutions to overcome these challenges and find an efficient means of not only recovering data, but doing so as quickly as possible following a crash or loss.

The news source recommends five ways to improve DR strategies. These methods include knowing the company’s level of expectations, finding the best solution to meet staffing and cost needs, taking a service-centric approach, enabling role-based backup and recovery, and directing reports to the company leadership regarding these tasks. Only by doing these five things will a business not only find the best backup and recovery solution for its needs, but do so in a cost-effective and efficient way.