Genuine cloud services offering – coming your way soon

Genuine cloud services offering – coming your way soon

October 2

As we prepare to launch StorageCraft Cloud Services later this fall, I find it is natural to have a lot of enthusiasm for the launch because it is indeed a legitimate and valuable cloud solution.  Given all of the current hype over the term Cloud Computing, I often breathe a sigh of relief that StorageCraft is nearing completion developing a truly necessary offsite backup solution that resides in the cloud.  Of course, not everyone has heard about the upcoming StorageCraft Cloud Services launch; the solution, available later in fall 2012, can best be described as a way to:

Secure and protect backup images offsite in the StorageCraft Cloud so users can gain instant access to systems and data when needed. Users can enjoy immediate file recovery, instant virtualization of backup images by creating a StorageCraft ShadowCloud™, and hands-on disaster recovery testing.

Distributing a complete copy of your data across geographically disparate servers using a responsible cloud provider is smart, that is why our cloud solution offers a truly essential cloud computing option for our partners.  Honestly, I sometimes find myself amazed at a lot of the cloud-related marketing I see in our industry.  In fact, Gartner recently published it annual Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report  on Cloud Computing.  The report shows the term Cloud Computing has escaped its “peak of inflated expectations” and entered into a “trough of disillusionment.”  I personally enjoyed reading a summary of the report from PC Advisors, whose writer Brandon Butler pointed out the industry risks caused by vendors using the term Cloud Computing to garner attention without having a valid solution to back it up.  Butler wisely explains “the term has become muddled in the market as vendors are ‘cloudwashing,’ or looking to tap into the hype of the term by calling themselves a cloud vendor when they are not. Such miscommunication could ultimately detract end users from the efficiencies cloud computing can bring.”

Our own Vice President of Product Management, Brandon Nordquist, also recently commented on this practice and how it seems to be getting better slowly. “…it is interesting how legitimacy of the term “cloud” has grown recently.  In my opinion, marketers across our industry were using the term ‘cloud’ in inconsistent, and sometimes misleading, ways.  It seems as if the ambiguity of the cloud was taken advantage of by many and caused damage to target audience understanding of the term.  With growing education and more applicable use cases coming to life, marketers are less able to take advantage of the ambiguity around the topic and adoption has grown because of that change.”

It is clear to me that StorageCraft is dedicated to supporting industry calls to use the term Cloud Computing in legitimate fashions so end customers are able to gain the correct information and education to adopt cloud computing solutions industry wide. It’s my hope that introducing an official cloud backup solution will only help to continue to clarify things in the market as time passes.

Watch for additional StorageCraft Cloud Services information to be communicated through this blog when the solution becomes available later this fall.