Webinar: StorageCraft Cloud Backup for G Suite Demo

Webinar: StorageCraft Cloud Backup for G Suite Demo

March 6

In this month’s StorageCraft webinar we shared news about our Cloud Backup for G Suite software.  The Cloud Backup for G Suite is a new service for our SaaS backup software solution. We also cover exciting, new promotions and standard offerings that can help StorageCraft partners increase their profits. The webinar also includes the latest updates to the Partner Network program. We shared more details about Deal Registration, which allows incredible added margins to our reseller community.

Watch the video below to get a demo of our new G Suite backup software:

Cloud Backup for G Suite from StorageCraft Coming in March

The Cloud Backup for G Suite data protection software is coming in March, said StorageCraft Product Manager, Mandy Anger. She added that the product has been tested and is its final release stage. IT admins will be able to manage their G Suite backups from the same platform they currently manage Office 365 backup accounts.

Mandy Anger showed a Cloud Backup for G Suite demo during the webinar, adding that both systems – Office 365 and G Suite – can be successfully managed from the same place. The service can backup Gmail, Google Calendars and Contacts, Google Drive, Google Sites and even Public Shared Folders.

Google Apps backup

Restoring Gmail or Google Drive Data Has Never Been Easier

StorageCraft Cloud Backup allows searching for data and filtering across both included services, Office 365 and G Suite. It also allows the ability to restore items from one service to another. From Office 365 Exchange to Gmail for example.

“If you have a situation where you’d like to restore an entire service or a user account, Cloud Backup for G Suite is perfect. You can restore to the original owner or to a different owner. There is the option to use an earlier version if you have data corruption or malware issues. You can restore the label structure so you know where the object came from,” added Mandy.

Cloud Backup for G Suite will create a separate restore folder for your restore items, so that you can find them quickly and they don’t mingle with corrupted data.

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