Free Cloud Backup for Office 365 or G Suite: Limited Promo!

Free Cloud Backup for Office 365 or G Suite: Limited Promo!

March 8

Free cloud backup for your Office 365 or G Suite SaaS software? Really? Yes, it’s now possible! StorageCraft has rolled out an incredible promotion for its partners, by offering a free six months cloud backup service. The service now comes with unlimited storage for Office 365 and G Suite accounts.

So now you can backup all your SaaS applications data without fearing the worst: data deletion, data corruption, ransomware or malicious employees removing your data.

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Free Cloud Backup? Yes, It’s Really Free.

While other cloud backup providers will boast free service, there is none to offer unlimited storage and the promise of a fail-safe restore service, no strings attached. Stats show that one in three companies using SaaS data has had a data loss incident. What’s more, companies pay around $136 for every lost record. What’s your data worth, and how will you protect it?

“The promotion starts today and it’s six months of free Cloud Backup with unlimited storage. If you haven’t already tried Cloud Backup, this is a this is a great opportunity to go out there and check it out. If you already are using Cloud Backup, you still will be able to take advantage of this promo. All our current Cloud Backup customers will automatically receive six months free of the service,” said Mandy Anger, StorageCraft Product Manager, during a company webinar broadcast on Wednesday.

Unlimited Storage for all Your Data

Mandy Anger added that the unlimited storage feature will be a permanent addition to the StorageCraft offer. “We are offering free six months of Cloud Backup for a limited time, but the unlimited storage will be a permanent feature. I’m very excited to get the news out to all of our partners,” added Mandy.

The program applies to:

  • All storageCraft partners with partner portal accounts.
  • Non-storagecraft users who sign up with partner portal accounts are eligible.
  • All regions where StorageCraft cloud products are offered in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

The program will be available for 6 months considering your first initial client account creation date. Each client account will get 250 free seats and the program replaces the current 30-day trial program. The promotion runs from March 1, 2017, through June 30, 2017.

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