Free Backup Software For Businesses in The Path of Hurricane Matthew

Free Backup Software For Businesses in The Path of Hurricane Matthew

Businesses and non-profits whose headquarters are in the path of Hurricane Matthew are strongly ecouraged to back up their data before the storm hits. To try and help efforts in business continuity, StorageCraft Technology Corporation announced they will be offering ShadowProtect SPX free use to businesses in the danger zone.

The offer will help businesses and non-profit organizations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Authorities have warned Hurricane Matthew may have possible catastrophic effects in these areas. Organizations can back up their data for free with the StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX software by visiting WWW.STORAGECRAFT.COM/STORMS, where they will receive instructions on how to download the software.

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Backups Are The Best Way To Ensure Business Continuity

“The best way to ensure business continuity after the storm is to prepare before the storm,” said Curt James, vice president of marketing and business development at StorageCraft. “ShadowProtect SPX gives IT professionals a chance to back up, and reliably recover, their critical systems and data quickly. This will allow them to focus even more time on safeguarding their businesses and families as the storm approaches. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people who could be impacted by Hurricane Matthew,” he added, according to a company-issued press release.

The ShadowProtect SPX software will allow users 30 days to back up their systems and data, once accessed. Companies that take advantage of this offer and back up by October 14th, 2016, can also recover free of charge.

The offer will help companies in the region in their efforts to maintain business continuity. ShadowProtect SPX is a reliable enterprise backup software for Windows and Linux systems. The technology was a Gold Award Winner the Data Protection category at the VMWorld Awards in Las Vegas 2016.

Authorities in the U.S issued an alert on hurricane Matthew, which is to hit Florida’s East Cost Thursday night, with potentially catastrophic results. Matthew has been classified as a rare category 4 storm with destructive winds and heavy rainfall that may lead to dangerous floods. The hurricane will also affect the states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Hurricanes, The Worst-Case Scenario For Businesses

Hurricanes are the worst-case scenarios for businesses. Strong winds and floods can affect valuable assets and wipe out mission-critical data. A solid business continuity plan is in order to ensure operations can continue after the storm. Business continuity experts will always recommend an off-site backup solution and reliable recovery media to safeguard from damage to hardware that may be damaged during a storm.

Catastrophic events like Hurricane Sandy have offered enough painful lessons. Businesses that did have a continuity plan in place were fortunate enough to survive the storm of 2012 and thrive in the aftermath. Stories that emerged from storm survivors show that a reliable backup software solution is critical to continuity.

However, surveys show on-site backups are still more popular than the practice of backing up off-site. A Clutch research survey showed 42 percent of respondents still prefer on-site backups, to cloud-based backups. Only 11% of respondents recognized the importance of backing up off-site.

Companies that stick with on-site backups to protect mission-critical data from disasters may not have the ability to avoid downtime, while cloud-based environments are able to help with quick recovery.