Four MSPs Explain Why StorageCraft Is Great for Healthcare

Four MSPs Explain Why StorageCraft Is Great for Healthcare

March 15

Federal and state regulations require healthcare clients to have backup and disaster recovery plans—as well as privacy protection—for patient information.

This makes backup and disaster recovery services an “easy sell” to the healthcare field.

But managed service providers Van, Dave, David, and Steven offer more than backup and disaster recovery services. They offer disaster resistance to their clients. Proactive planning, monitoring, and testing make their clients resistant to disasters that could destroy their data and disrupt their businesses.

Disaster resistance means their clients can sleep well at night, without worrying about their data. These four managed service providers also sleep well at night because they use StorageCraft products in their backup and disaster recovery solutions. Here’s what they say about choosing StorageCraft:

Van Heath, Senior Disaster Recovery Engineer, Speros: Before StorageCraft, there wasn’t a way to test our backups and restores properly. We had an incident with the previous agentless product—it failed when we needed it the most. We lost some clients because of that. Since then, we’ve relied on StorageCraft ShadowProtect. It’s a very solid product with rapid restore time. A big advantage of StorageCraft is our restore time is usually hours, not days.

Dave Patel, COO, CompuTech City: Very few solutions do as good of a job as ShadowProtect. With ShadowProtect, healthcare compliance becomes easy. The product is so powerful and reliable, and the recovery process is so fast and unpainful, it takes the “disaster” out of disaster recovery. We’ve been StorageCraft products for more than four years.

David Spire, President and CEO, United Systems Computer Group: If we’re putting our hides on the line, we want what works. We’re willing to put our good business name behind it, and we’ve won a lot of awards by choosing the best business partners. At the end of the day, it’s got to work. That’s why we went with StorageCraft.

Steven Saslow, Vice President, Information Technology Group: We sought out StorageCraft years ago, when they were an infant company. They have a very strong image-based product, ShadowProtect, that works 100% of the time. With StorageCraft, we know our day-to-day tickets to recover data are easy to do. Other solutions aren’t foolproof like StorageCraft.

When access to computer systems is actually life-or-death and acceptable downtime is zero, healthcare IT experts turn to StorageCraft.

Photo Credit: a.drian via Compfight cc