Four most important questions about data backup

Four most important questions about data backup

June 6

According to the Press-Enterprise, there are four vital questions that a CIO should ask when considering any online backup solution for his or her company. Where is it stored and how is it accessed? Who is responsible for monitoring backups? How often should tests be performed? What is the process for restoring lost data?

If the answers to these questions match up with the unique needs of the business, a CIO can then move on to consider other aspects of the specific backup and recovery software solution, such as cost, capacity, and others. Without knowing these answers though, an IT decision-maker cannot accurately assess if the solution will meet daily operational needs, or be adequate for the schedule that the business needs to run on.

According to the news source, the optimal server backup solution is to save a full image of the server data. However, other factors go into this as well, such as deduplication – the elimination of redundant data. While a full image may save time and money initially, it can rack up costs in capacity, and also make it more difficult to sort through the data for specific files at a later date. However, as a basic solution to disaster recovery, this method can be efficient for some businesses.