Five Traits An MSP Should Look For In the Ideal Client

Five Traits An MSP Should Look For In the Ideal Client

August 5

An MSP is no different from any other IT solutions provider in the sense that their success hinges heavily on their ability to effectively market the business. One of the most important elements of that marketing strategy is identifying a target audience. Not every organization that needs help with their infrastructure is a good fit for your managed product. You can spare yourself a lifetime of headaches by focusing on the segment of customers who are.

In a recent post, we examined the key traits to look for in an IT managed service provider. For the service provider, finding the right customers is equally important. Pen and pad handy because this checklist will let you know how to identify the ideal client for your managed services.

1. Good Communicator

Communication is critical to the success of MSP-client relationships. Just as the vendor must be effective in explaining pricing structures, usage policies, and service level agreements, the client has to convey their needs in crisp and concise fashion. This communication will prove invaluable when it comes time to plan deployments, integrations, upgrades and other essential strategies. Clients with good communication skills empower their providers to be more efficient by anticipating, rather than playing catchup.

2. Punctual Payer

There are several ways to define success and having a consistent stream of cash flowing through your business ranks high on the list of measures. After all, you can’t pay your ISP in impressions and engagement. Getting clients to pay in timely fashion is vital to your operations, so punctuality is a trait you want clients to bring right out of the gate. These timely payments attribute to a predictable revenue model that enables you to support funding priorities from payroll to marketing.

3 Adept Technical Knowledge

MSPs provide a number of services that allow clients to simplify the costly, complex, and time-consuming aspects of their IT operation and focus on running the business side of things. Among those services is expertise that supports the client in times of difficulty. Be that as it may, it helps to have customers who are technically adept in this game. A client that has its own skilled IT team will generally be easier to work with when it comes to implementing your technology, collaborating with your guys on upgrades, and so forth. .

4. Self Sufficient

Having clients who are rich in technical savvy is one thing. Having clients who are actually willing to put that expertise to use is often a different story. The monitoring, management, and help desk services MSPs provide are normally worth whatever they’re asking in gold, but in most cases, they’re delivered from a remote location. While any vendor should honor every service they agree to provide, there are time, cost, and sanity benefits to not having to manage every single component of a client’s infrastructure. Customers who are competent enough to handle their own backups, patch updates, and software upgrades tend be quite valuable themselves.

5. Solutions-Oriented

Good communication alone will reduce the potential of problems cropping up between client and provider. However, things don’t always fall according to plan in the IT environment, and there are some things you just can’t plan for. When those untimely issues arise, the ideal customer has the eye to identify and address them immediately. Of course all problems are best avoided, but bringing them to the table upon detection will give the vendor time to deliver the right answers, mitigate the problem, or if need be, explore other options.

Are these qualities you look for in a customer? What would you personally add to the list? Go ahead and enlighten the rest of us.

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