Five Reasons to Switch to StorageCraft Today

Five Reasons to Switch to StorageCraft Today

March 14

Sometimes you’re faced with decisions that can affect the way your business runs. Changing software solutions can be one of those and it’s not always an easy choice. You might be vetting a few solutions that are pretty similar and would likely all fill the needs you have. If that’s the case, you might be tempted to just flip a coin or go with what your buddies suggest. What’s smarter, however, is to look at the things each software vendor offers in addition to the software itself. Sure, you need reliable, quality software, but you also need quality support that might not stop at just troubleshooting—what if you need business support? What can these vendors do to help you build a stronger business?

In many cases, the answer to that is nothing. But when you dig into StorageCraft, you find that we don’t just have strong products, we’ve also got a variety of things that can your business standout, make money, and generally whomp on competitors.

Here are five things StorageCraft does that you might not find elsewhere.

1.       MDF

Marketing development funds (MDF) are basically free marketing dollars from StorageCraft. Put in a request with your account manager for some MDF budget and we’ll help you out by giving you money you can put towards your marketing event, marketing campaign, or maybe even a billboard. If it will work in your area, we want to help you do it because the more successful you are, the more successful we can be. We’ve got your back.

2.       Deal registration

You can save some money by registering a deal ahead of time. For any order over $5,000, you can save five percent simply by registering your deal, which means you can win deals by having lower prices than your competitors. Using our new Profit-Ability app (Android and iOS), you can even register your deal with a few simple swipes on your phone.

3.       Competitive upgrade pricing

Suppose you’re tired of tape backups or the backup solution you’re using just isn’t quite cutting it—maybe the support is awful or the backups take too long or maybe you just plain don’t trust that you can recover. Whatever the reason, switching to StorageCraft from another solution qualifies you for a competitive discount. Talk to a member of our sales team (sales[at] to learn more.

4.       Marketing and sales collateral

StorageCraft partners gain access to our partner portal where they can find a slew of different marketing and sales documents like direct mail pieces and other templates. It’s nice to be able to grow your business without putting in much effort, and StorageCraft makes it easy to get your foot in the marketing door without having to blow any of your budget or your time.

5.       MSP pricing

If you’re a StorageCraft MSP partner, your licenses are available on a per-month basis. You only pay for the licenses you need and you’re only charged once a month. This fits well within a managed services model because you can then charge your clients for just the licenses they need on a per month basis as well. The more you buy, the more you save and the more you sell, the more money you stand to make, simply because you chose one of the most reliable backup solutions available.

Visit our Profit-Ability page to learn more about all the benefits of becoming a StorageCraft partner or contact our sales team today at sales[at]