Fire Tornadoes, Infestation, Falling Boulders and Avalanches—The Disasters You Never Thought about.

Fire Tornadoes, Infestation, Falling Boulders and Avalanches—The Disasters You Never Thought about.

February 1

The world is a perilous place. There are disasters we can see coming a mile away like hurricanes and large storms, while others happen suddenly like earthquakes and fires. We always suggest that businesses look at even unlikely disasters when it comes to their business continuity plans.

To illustrate how likely the unlikely can be, let’s take a look at a few disasters you’d probably never see coming.

The first rare phenomenon that you may not think would even be possible is a fire tornado. Yep. You read that right. Take a look at this video filmed in Australia:

Outback fire tornadoes-Australia from chris tangey on Vimeo.

According to a recent article in Australian Geographic, fire tornadoes, also known as fire-devils or “firenados”, come in different sizes and intensities and can be formed in different ways based on environmental conditions. If you travel to or do business in Australia, you may also want to watch out for water spouts, otherwise known as water tornadoes, as well as numerous other things that can kill you.

Another threat you may not consider are falling things. A recent CNN video reports that a boulder fell from a nearby cliff and crashed through a man’s home in St. George, Utah, injuring his wife and leaving a massive hole in his house. The homeowner, Scot Denhalter, had always thought it was a risk to live near the cliffs: “I told my wife, you could have a boulder snap and come down and go right through the house but she said, ‘that would never happen’.” Their differences in opinion show that although one person may not see something as a likely risk, the worst can still happen. If you live or work near cliffs, you may want to prepare for giant boulders.

Another threat is falling snow in the form of an avalanche. It’s likely that few businesses are built near steep and snowy cliffs, but the fact still stands that avalanches can, and have, destroyed buildings.

This next section may sound like an ad for an extermination company, but yes, you must consider the threat of infestations when writing your business continuity plan because infestations can shut down your business. According to South Florida Business Journal, at least four Florida businesses have been shut down this year due to cockroach and rodent infestations, and when it comes to roaches, things can get pretty awful.

But rodents and cockroaches aren’t the only things that can cause infestation. In fact, a daycare was reportedly shut down due to an infestation of snakes in—you guessed it—Australia.

So in review, for better business continuity, don’t do business under cliffs, snowy or otherwise. Or in Australia.