How a File Backup Solves the Problem of Data Hoarding

How a File Backup Solves the Problem of Data Hoarding

March 24

Traditional storage management is undergoing a revolution. In the past, if you wanted to backup anything on your server, you would just throw more hardware at it. But this becomes problematic as files are increasing in size and complexity. We are creating data like never before. The infrastructure of adding more storage is becoming more expensive. Routers, power, additional hardware and the IT staff that supports all this can be very expensive. This is why keeping data safe now requires more intelligent, scalable backup software solutions.

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Not All Data Is Equal

We are of the opinion that not all data is equal. When disaster strikes, you don’t have to recover all the cat videos, temporary files, and all the noise. You need to get to the data which needs to be restored in order for the business to get back up and running.

StorageCraft Technology aquired the Gillware Online Backup system to offer a solution to the problem of data hoarding. At Gillware, we have been using both the StorageCraft image solution (ShadowProtect SPX/SP5) along with the file backup solution for years, and the two solutions complement each other. In some situations it makes sense to roll out a full image backup solution, say we are talking about a server that is running complex database systems. For mobile devices of remote workers, a file based backup solution makes better sense.

With the combination of the two products brought under one roof, we now have a comprehensive, scalable and flexible backup solution.

Scalability for File Backup Solutions

When it comes to file level backup and recovery, scalability is very important. There are companies with thousands of laptops. Employees are road warriors that sometimes work from hotels and airports. Scalability and the ability to monitor and look after them from the cloud is important.

The StorageCraft File Backup & Recovery was built with channel partners in mind. Here’s some of the benefits it offers:

  • Scalable, flexible solution to backup desktops and laptops
  • Helps manage mobile employees PC’s through a single pane of glass
  • You can manage, monitor and configure everything from the cloud

One of the key features is the backup analyzer. This is a window into a computer that is not on premises – it can be anywhere in the world. As long as it was at one point in time was online, it can see what is in the PC. The smart analytics engine will make informed decisions about what data needs a backup and what not. It will minimize downtime for both the employee (who doesn’t need to wait for IT to work on his machine) and for IT, as maintenance is much easier.

No more sifting through piles and piles of information to get to what is important. No more sky-high costs to backup, as it only saves important data.

Don’t get buried in unstructured corporate data! Get a demo of the File Backup & Recovery with Backup Analyzer and see what’s driving up your storage costs.