Fear and loathing in disaster recovery

Fear and loathing in disaster recovery

October 22

Without disaster recovery, the future is uncertain for any business, but investing in the right tools to protect company data from any circumstances can eliminate the fear of data loss. With these worries gone, the company can rest easy knowing that, whether a storm hits or a faulty power supply knocks out power to a server, operations will be able to continue with only a minor interruption.

According to Channelnomics, at this point no business should be questioning the value of data backup software. With hard drive failures, human error, and many other factors to consider, being without the right tools to ensure business continuity is like signing a death warrant. The company is sure to struggle, or even crumble, following the first instance of loss, even if it’s a small amount of data.

With backup and recovery software, a business will be able to accomplish a reliable and thorough continuity schedule. Backing up data daily, or even more frequently, ensures loss is minimized and the downtime following a crisis is negligible. Employees will be able to react swiftly and accordingly as well, which eliminates confusion – another major contributor to the struggle businesses that have recently been struck by disaster experience.

However, simply investing in the first backup solution that comes along can create issues as well, according to the news source. Tape backup solutions can be slow, encourage infrequent backup practices, and are ultimately unwieldy for modern businesses. With a high-tech solution, such as a backup hard drive option, businesses will be able to recover quickly and won’t be impeded by antiquated hardware when encouraging good backup practices among employees.