Faster recovery crucial for businesses

Faster recovery crucial for businesses

May 29

With so many trends surfacing in disaster recovery and data backup, businesses have to balance their needs with the changes and establish the best possible plan for the company, which BJ Jenkins of EMC says means the fastest recovery time, according to ITWeb.

As businesses convert from tape to disk or disk to the cloud, it is important that they focus on having the fastest recovery possible, because this is the best way to reduce costs and maximize the return on investment of a business continuity plan. Being measured on how fast it is able to recover data means that an IT department needs to focus now on the best backup option, according to Jenkins, but eliminate redundant data.

Deduplication through smarter compression allows a business to optimize data backup and recover that data faster and more efficiently. Additionally, it helps reduce overall backup costs by taking up less space – especially in the cloud where cost is based on usage. Ultimately, it does not matter if a company chooses to back up its data on disk or in the cloud, but how easily it can then access that data when loss occurs.