Exploring the cloud as a data storage alternative

Exploring the cloud as a data storage alternative

April 22

Many uses for cloud computing have emerged during the technology’s unprecedented rise to mainstream status over the past five years or so. And one of the more popular services is online storage.

A recent Retail Week report addressed this trend and explored the viability of companies using the cloud as a data storage platform. Fladgate law firm partner Anthony Lee told the news provider that, above all else, companies need to take the right approach to a migration.

“So long as the risks can be contained, there is much to be gained from moving to the cloud. As well as the cost savings, it can provide increased flexibility,” Lee told Retail Week.

Data backup and recovery software is one area that can benefit greatly from using cloud computing technology. In terms of backup, companies can migrate their critical data to the cloud to protect it against all kinds of risk, not the least of which are natural disasters and negligent employees.

The high availability of cloud computing apps makes them ideal for companies looking to recover and restore lost data as quickly as possible.