Experts list fresh set of cloud computing expectations

Experts list fresh set of cloud computing expectations

December 24

Cloud computing has already become one of the more integral and complex aspects of corporate information technology, as organizations of all sizes are now using the services for myriad purposes. While some might be led to believe that there is a glass ceiling stretched out over the industry, vendors and adopters continue to advance the progression of the technology.

CIO Magazine recently listed several cloud computing predictions for the new year, asserting that application development and general software management will move to the forefront of relevant strategies. This trend started to intensify in the past two years, especially considering the widespread launch of BYOD programs that demand customized, supported and controlled application use.

According to the news provider, end user preferences will play a bigger role in the placement of application workloads, as companies continue to become more interested in bolstering employees’ experiences, and much of this shift will take place in cloud-based environments. Additionally, the source stated that private cloud adoption rates will have to pass a weighty test in the coming year, as it is still unclear how successful this market segment will be in the future.

Finally, CIO Magazine predicted that pricing will become a bigger pressure point for public cloud computing providers, and that businesses will continue to demand the most competitive options possible.

Many forecasts released in the past several years have had similar predictions for the cloud computing market, and many have already started to manifest into reality. With a rapidly growing majority of organizations in virtually every region and sector using at least one cloud computing solution, the sky is the limit for this helpful and novel technology.

Small business owners should be especially aggressive when it comes to customizing their company’s approach to cloud investments and management strategies.

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