Expert recounts role of virtualization in IT update

Expert recounts role of virtualization in IT update

April 12

Fed up with his organization’s increasingly sprawling IT infrastructure, Mike Adams, the vice president of IT at HireRight, recently embarked on a complete, $300 million renovation of the system, according to Network World.

A three-year stretch  of acquisitions led to HireRight’s IT problems, as its infrastructure grew exponentially with each company it absorbed. However, Adams leveraged both virtualization and the cloud to fix the problem.

“We’re 75 percent done, so we’re moving right along on that. It’s going quite well,” Adams said of the company’s efforts to go from 10 data centers down to four. “We have primary data centers in the U.S. and the U.K. that are both built and complete, and two [disaster recovery] sites behind that.”

He said the disaster recovery sites are used for real-time data replication, and HireRight’s virtualization adoption rate is right at 55 percent.

Virtualization has provided IT departments with an innovative new method for disaster recovery unlike anything they may have used in the past. By provisioning virtual machines, IT departments can not only maximize the storage space available, but also improve the efficiency of their infrastructure.