Expert: Cloud’s benefits can extend beyond cost-savings

Expert: Cloud’s benefits can extend beyond cost-savings

April 14

Cost-savings have commonly been referred to as the top benefit of deploying cloud computing solutions. But, according to Network World’s Zeus Kerravala, the capabilities of the technology go far beyond pinching pennies.

In his latest blog post for the news provider, Kerravala highlighted the fact that the cloud can now serve as a robust disaster recovery solution. That’s because much the responsibility of maintaining data and the solution itself falls on the shoulders of the service provider.

He added that costs can be reduced because the cloud requires little in the way of on-premise equipment. Still, some companies continue to retain their traditional backup hardware to complement the cloud. Hosted technology can be used for data that must be accessed and recovered quickly, while traditional methods can be used for long-term archiving.

“With cloud, the cloud provider is the one that worries about the resiliency of the cloud service,” Kerravala wrote. “Sure, you need to architect your network to be fully redundant, but that’s a much easier task than having to create redundant data center assets.”

More companies are turning to the cloud on what seems to be a daily basis. In a recent roundtable discussion hosted by TechTarget, several industry experts said a reversal of this trend isn’t expected anytime soon.