Our Disaster Recovery Tools

At StorageCraft, we believe that you, our partners, are the heroes. You’re on the front lines. You’re the ones that save the day. But every hero needs the tools to get the job done and that’s where we come in.

Get Your FREE Partner Marketing Toolkit

Your FREE customizable Partner Marketing Toolkit is located on the StorageCraft Partner Portal. Simply log in to the portal, go to Marketing >Marketing  Toolkit and download:

  • 3 PDF flyer templates
  • 3 direct mail templates
  • 3 email templates
  • 3 728×90 web ad templates
  • 3 300×250 web ad templates
  • 1 17-page “Why You Need Backup and Disaster Recovery” pamphlet

Want to Learn What Other Tools We Offer?

These presentations explore some of the tools we offer. Check them out and let us know how we can help.

The StorageCraft Disaster Recovery Solution

If you’re only offering StorageCraft ShadowProtect, you’re not taking advantage of the whole StorageCraft solution. This brief presentation walks you through our products and shows you how they can give your clients end-to-end protection.

Selling Disaster Recovery

Selling disaster recovery can be hard. This brief presentation looks at some ways of rethinking your sales strategy and offers a number or resources to get you started.