Executives believe cloud will take businesses into future

Executives believe cloud will take businesses into future

July 1

Companies not embracing the possibilities of cloud computing may find themselves catching up to competitors that are taking advantage of hosted environments. Legacy equipment can only take a business so far, while the cloud is ready to meet current and future demands.

A recent survey of 300 CIOs and senior IT professionals conducted by NTT Europe found that 40 percent believe the cloud will help their organizations unlock their true business potential. Nearly half of respondents said the cloud can help their firms enter new markets.

Damian Skendrovic, vice president of cloud services at NTT Europe, said some organizations have resisted leveraging the cloud in terms of more than just for testing and development and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Executives should not hesitate to replace aging infrastructures in favor of scalable and affordable environments like the cloud. According to Skendrovic, the integration of the cloud alongside legacy equipment is key.

“The results show CIOs are looking for cloud solutions suitable for the ‘real world’. These solutions need to marry the old, existing, legacy systems with new applications,” Skendrovic said. “If CIOs are to organize their IT estates efficiently and to meet their cost and revenue objectives, getting this marriage right will be critical.”

Cloud computing has quickly become one of the building blocks throughout the entire IT industry. Executives worried that the technology is too expensive to take advantage of may not understand how the solution operates. Legacy equipment demands an upfront capital investment, while the cloud is available through a subscription-based model, meaning that users only pay for the services they consume. It may be worth it for some organizations to adopt the cloud and see where the solution takes them if they are concerned about the cloud’s costs.

Photo Credit: blinkingidiot via Compfight cc