Exablox OneBlox: A Storage Drive to Rule Them All

Exablox OneBlox: A Storage Drive to Rule Them All

Ramesh Balan, VP Engineering for StorageCraft, was featured in June on TWiT TV’s show: “This Week in Enterprise Tech – A Storage Drive to Rule Them All”. Ramesh discussed the Exablox OneBlox storage system and its innovative data protection and data management features. He explained how the Exablox appliances are disrupting the storage space, by increasing scalability to near-infinite while minimizing administrative loads. Watch the recording of the show below!

 Storage Drive Simplicity and Flexibility

Exablox stands out as the one storage system to rule them all, showed Ramesh on the show. “Data is growing and exploding for everyone. So how do I scale out my data in an easy to use fashion? You shouldn’t need a storage PhD to handle your data,” said Ramesh Balan, in the interview hosted by Brian Chee and Louis Maresca.

The StorageCraft VP gave on overview of how the Exablox OneBlox differs from traditional storage systems. The traditional SAN leaves servers isolated in silos and administrators doing a lot of work on upgrades, he said. Meanwhile, OneBlox allows system administrators to win back some time by minimizing configuration work on LUN’s or traditional SAN systems.

“As one of your boxes gets full, you buy another box and then another, and plug it in to the same sub-net. We have a lot of automated services that recognizes other nodes in the system and automatically registers it. Immediately you see a capacity increase and a performance increase. All of this is done without a lot of high-touch,” showed Ramesh.

Up and Running Storage in Five Minutes

A OneBlox system could be plugged in and ready to use in about five minutes, according to Ramesh. During the interview, he also discussed the differences between SSD and HDD choices in storage, the versatility of the Exablox object storage and how data protection plays a crucial role in today’s storage architecture.

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