Even West Coast businesses felt effects of Sandy

Even West Coast businesses felt effects of Sandy

November 28

While the East Coast was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, businesses on the other side of the country were affected as well. As server farms, data centers, and cloud centers on the East were affected, so too was workflow in the West, proving the point that it doesn’t matter where a business is located, it needs to be ready for any type of disaster.

Data backup software is versatile and useful, but a business needs to consider other factors such as where it stores its backups as well. Many are utilizing hard drive backup solutions today, or migrating to the cloud for improved access, but without a redundancy plan, a single event could cause major issues for a business. One thing to consider is whether or not primary storage and backups, including cloud solutions, are located in the same place. If so, a business may want to consider an alternative or secondary backup to increase survivability of its data.

For many companies, a hybrid onsite and online backup system is the most effective option. This keeps data accessible, quickly recoverable, and protected with multi-site storage. By focusing on reducing the risks of data loss and increasing recovery speed, a business not only reduces downtime, but ensures that no matter what disaster occurs, or where it occurs, it will be ready.