Even online businesses need protection from natural disasters

Even online businesses need protection from natural disasters

October 27

Business continuity isn’t just for companies with standard physical offices and supply chains. Online retailers and companies that do most or all of their business on the internet still have to store their data and applications on a physical server somewhere.

According to Cable Organizer, online businesses still need the same data backup software, updated hardware, and protective tools that traditional companies use. Just because the business is online, doesn’t mean a hurricane, or human error, can’t knock of offline.

For online businesses, however, the options for disaster recovery are wide open. Businesses that deal primarily with web-based traffic can implement cloud-based, online backup solutions that allow them to potentially never see downtime, if deployed correctly. For additional support, the company can invest in physical backup hard drive systems as well to store data in an easy-to-access, on-hand location.

Cable Organizer takes its own advice into consideration, it revealed in a release.

“Each year, prior to the month of June when hurricane season commences, we review our disaster prevention procedures to ensure readiness in the event that a tropical storm or a hurricane heads our way,” said Nicolas Dubus, the company’s IT director. “But, rather than a simple checklist and seasonal preparatory efforts, we review and maintain disaster prevention and recovery plans for all levels of the operation year-round to best assure we’re truly prepared.”

Disaster recovery and business continuity are not luxuries that a business can do without – they are vital parts of ensuring continued operations despite any occurrence. For businesses, investing in these tools is a necessity and should be carefully considered before a disaster does strike.