Epic Photos from Storm Tracker Mike Hollingshead

Epic Photos from Storm Tracker Mike Hollingshead

January 21

Storms come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths. One might casually drizzle the earth until it’s soft while another will pluck tree trunks clean out of the soil. Storms can change an entire landscape just by passing by and hide a level of beauty seldom seen by those that don’t interact with them frequently. Luckily, extreme storm tracker Mike Hollingshead is often there to catch the action.

Thunderstorm lightning

During a large, threatening storm, the common person is likely somewhere safe inside waiting it out. Meanwhile, Hollingshead is out trying to get as close as possible to some of nature’s most powerful and fantastic meteorological phenomena. You can have a look at some of the photos on his website, StormAndSky.com.

According to a recent article in Wired (which features even more phenomenal storm photos), Hollingshead is a self-taught photographer and meteorologist whose stellar storm photos have appeared in National Geographic as well as in movies like Take Shelter and The Fifth Estate. Hollingshead’s work shows that even though weather phenomena can be terrifying, it can also humbling to look at the beauty they often possess.

Visit Mike Hollingshead’s website to view some more of these amazing photos!