Ensure business resilience with the cloud

Ensure business resilience with the cloud

October 6

According to Talkin’ Cloud, more companies are contemplating their business continuity strategies following a summer of hurricanes, tornadoes, heatwaves, and flooding. The main question every organization needs to ask itself is how long it would be out of commission if disaster struck its offices, and what tools it needs to eliminate that downtime.

Developing a successful disaster recovery plan is a vital part of running a business, and the most important aspect of doing so is finding the right data backup and recovery software to make that plan work.

For many businesses, the cloud offers top solutions for data protection today. With reliable access from anywhere, off-site storage, and easy recovery, online backup may meet the requirements of many companies’ disaster strategies. According to the news source, in order to determine if cloud is the best solution for a business, there are several questions to ask.

First, the company needs to know if the cloud will allow it to recover within its maximum allotted window for downtime. Then, the business will need to ensure the cloud meets compliance requirements for its industry. And finally, the company must determine if the cloud fit within the workflow without drastically affecting IT budgets. If all of these questions can be answered satisfactorily, then the cloud may be the best solution.

Ultimately, the cloud provides a number of advantages over other disaster recovery solutions, as it can not only can meet general business needs for protection with ease, but allow a business to keep up with the latest trends in storage, backups, and security without skipping a beat. While not every business needs the cloud to protect its data, it can’t hurt to explore the options and see what advantages it has to offer.