Enjoy hands-on, instant virtualization with StorageCraft Cloud Services ShadowCloud technology.

Enjoy hands-on, instant virtualization with StorageCraft Cloud Services ShadowCloud technology.

February 1

Since we’ve launched StorageCraft® Cloud Services to our MSP partners and prepare to release to our VAR and distribution partners later this spring, we are often asked about how our solution compares to other cloud disaster recovery solutions in our space.  Because recovery is top priority for StorageCraft, I often focus on one key feature of the many features that wow our customers, our instant virtualization.  Branded StorageCraft ShadowCloud™ technology, our ability to virtualize is instant and managed completely by the user.

Inside the cloud services section of our MSP Portal (and later in our Distribution Portal), StorageCraft partners have everything they need to virtualize a backup image stored in the StorageCraft Cloud.  Virtualization of the backup image is as easy as clicking “virtualize” and entering required parameters.  Unlike other solutions, users don’t need to contact their vendor and submit a ticket to have an image virtualized in the cloud.  Furthermore, with StorageCraft Cloud Services you can reserve static IP addresses in advance.  By doing so, you know up front how your users will access services once you have machines virtualized and running in the StorageCraft Cloud, thereby speeding-up your recovery even further.  And when you don’t need to fully virtualize, you can also mount backup images to browse files and folders within the same portal.

Keeping our partners in control of their offsite data at all times was a paramount development goal for StorageCraft.  Along with the ability to quickly recover, the hands-on control our partners enjoy when storing their backup images offsite in the secure StorageCraft Cloud differentiate our solution from others.

If you’re a StorageCraft partner and would like to learn more about StorageCraft Cloud Services, please join us for one of our partner webinars on February 6th and 7th.  If you have not already received an invitation, please contact your StorageCraft Account Manager or email marketing@storagecraft.com today.